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RakSAMP 0.3z
[ Скачать с сервера (1.42Mb) ] 20.11.2014, 01:55
Available commands:
!exit or !quit: exits client.
!reconnect: reconnects the server.
!reload: reloads settings.
!runmode: sets current runmode.
!stats: shows raknet statistics.
!players: shows list of players.
!npcs: show list of NPCs.
!login: login to RCON.
!rcon: send an RCON command.
!goto: go to players position.
!gotocp: go to the current checkpoint.
!autogotocp: toggle automatic checkpoint teleporter.
!imitate: change imitate name.
!vlist: shows list of vehicles.
!vdeath: send vehicle death notification.
!fu: send lost connection packet to server.
!spawn: spawns fake player.
!pickup: pick up a pickup by ID.
!class: select a class.
!menusel: selects an item from the GTA menu.
!kill: toggle fake kill flooder.
!lag: toggle server lagger.
!spam: toggle reconnect spammer.
!joinflood: toggle join flooder.
!chatflood: toggle chat flooder.
!classflood: toggle class selection flooder.
!bulletflood: flood the server with bullet sync packets to the players' positions.
!weapon: sets the current weapon in the fake player's hand.
!selplayer: sets the followed player's name.
!selveh: sets the fake player's vehicle.
!pos: sets the fake player's position.
!follow: sets the following offset.
!pulsator: pulse health & armor.
!change_server: connect to another server without restarting RakSAMPClient.
!change_name: change the fake player's name and reconnect/rejoin the game.
!dialogresponse: send a dialog response.
!logstatus: show log status.
!log: toggle logging objects/pickups/textlabels/textdraws.
!teleport: show the teleport menu.
!scmevent: send SCM event.
!fakekick: send vehicle enter notification with invalid vehicle id to get kicked.
!seltd: select a textdraw.
!sendrates: show sendrates.

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